Insurance Mandate


The client mandates the insurance broker Three60 GmbH according to the general terms and conditions to the brokerage and amendment of insurance policies, including the preparatory phase as well as ongoing attention and administration upon coverage purchase. Existing policies shall be checked on accuracy, completeness and appropriateness and, if possible or necessary, updated according to changed parameters, only upon the express wish of the client.

Brokerage Authorisation

The client shall authorise Three60 GmbH as insurance broker and possible legal successor to take care of its insurance agreements, to attend to its insurance matters and to procure all necessary coverage.

This authorization includes in particular

The unlimited active and passive representation of the client towards the respective insurers and social insurance carriers, including the filing and receipt of all letters of intent as well as complaints regarding the insurance policies; the termination of current policies as well as the conclusion of new policies; the enforcement of insurance benefits from insurance agreements which the broker has arranged or is attending to, as well as any other assistance in case of claim settlements; the power of assumption granted to other insurance brokers, in particular to pools of insurance brokers; the submission of requests to the supervisory board on behalf of the insurance policy holder; the client’s representation according to clauses 1-5 towards associations who offer insurance solutions (e.g. ADAC), so long as it relates to associations’ memberships.

The insurer’s correspondence shall continue to be with the insurance policy holder; the broker shall receive a copy of each existing policy as well as any possible premium adjustment. The broker reserves the right to request a copy of the client’s correspondence. The broker shall be exempt from the restrictions as per sect. 181 German Civil Code (BGB). The authorisation is not limited in time and can be revoked by the client at any time. By signing, the client shall agree to Three60’s general terms and conditions of a brokerage contract; see the contract appendix for details. The client has received the customer information according to sect. 11 Insurance Brokerage Ordinance (VersVermV).

Data Privacy Statement / Authorisation for Release of Confidential Record

The client agrees that Three60 GmbH may, for the purpose of substantiation, implementation or settlement within the contractual relationship, collect, save, amend, pass on, delete and use personal data. The client consents that all insurers or health insurances, which Three60 GmbH contacts as a broker, are to transmit data, taken from the application documents or contract governance(e.g. insurance premiums, insurance policy numbers, changes of risk, contract amendments), to the extent necessary to reinsurers, to assess the risk and claims against other insurers and their associations and, should there be no direct connection to an insurer, to broker pools or service providers. This consent shall, irrespective of the conclusion of contract, also apply to any relevant assessment of any other current or future contract applications. Furthermore, the client agrees that these insurers may maintain joint data bases for general data on contracts, settlement details and benefits, and pass them on to the broker insofar as is deemed necessary for the proper conduct of his insurance business. Health-related data may only be transmitted to personal insurers and reinsurers; brokers may only receive them to the extent necessary for the form of contract. Authorisation for release of confidential records: Information on private personal insurance (e.g. private health, accident or life insurance) also comprise health-related data. The client shall release the insurers as well as their staff from their professional discretion, and shall thus enable Three60 GmbH to receive information on such private health-related data. Health-related data may only be transmitted to personal insurers and reinsurers. The client knows about the option of revokingthe authorisation for release of confidential records at any time as at any future date.

Furthermore, the client agrees to receive, from time to time, newsletters or any other (also commercial) content in connection with Three60 GmbH offers, from Three60 GmbH, posted to the E-mail address or telephone no. which was given at the time of registration. This consent may be revoked at any time and free of charge; for more information, please go to the bottom of each sent message.