Frequently asked questions

The German healthcare system probably works quite differently to what you’re used to in your home countryWe have compiled the most important questions and answers regarding health insurance for international students in Germany.

Why do I need health insurance?

In Germany, all students need health insurance in order to enrol at a university. This also applies to international students.

How does the healthcare system work in Germany?

All insured students are entitled to the same benefits, regardless of their personal health risk and regardless of how much their membership fee is. Students with little or no income receive all benefits at a particularly low student rate. The state largely dictates the scope of benefits so that all citizens have high-quality care.

What services are covered by the German health insurance for international students?

The AOK pay out for treatment by doctors and dentists, drugs, therapy (e.g. massages, physiotherapy, etc.) and assistive equipment(e.g.walking aids), and hospital treatment. They therefore pay for preventive examinations and offer their policyholders advice and courses on becoming healthy and staying healthy.